A list of the classes and services we offer. 


-Classes: Check "CLASSES" for current classes. Regularly offering Clay 101 and Wheel throwing. During the duration of the classes (4 or 6 weeks), Adult students have access to work in the studio during open hours. All classes include 15 pounds of cone six clay, and $2/pound for more (includes glaze prices).

- Workshops: reoccurring and spontaneous workshops will be posted to the "CLASSES" and Calendar

- Weekly Open Studio Sessions: 3 hour work sessions for $35 dollars, includes 3 pounds of Cone 6 clay and firing. Listed in the calendar at "Stein Club" or "Clay Play: Bring Your Own Kid" 

- One on One Project Consultation: Choose the tech of your choice, estimates based on the nature of the project, email the studio for price inquiry

- Kiln Firings: By volume firing @ $.50/square inch, $45 Full Bisque kiln (below ^1), $65 Full Glaze kiln (^6), $30 fee if there is Kiln damage (Explosions and glaze running). Clay body and forms must be approved for firing by the studio facilitator.

- Purchase Clay: Two Standard Cone 6 clay bodies for purchase @ $2/pound (Includes house glazes)

- Event Rentals - Please email for inquiry (Ex. Party Ideas: Clay Play, Bead Buffet, Folded Vessel)

-Gnar Wares: Purchase ceramic wares by studio affiliated artists. More coming soon. 



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