GnarWare Workshop Ceramics Studio
Chicago Pottery Classes and Workshops


A list of the classes and services we offer. 


-Classes: Check "CLASSES" for current classes. Regularly offering Clay 101 and Wheel throwing. During the duration of the classes (4 or 6 weeks), Adult students have access to work in the studio during open hours. All classes include 25 pounds of cone six clay, and $2/pound for more (includes glaze prices).

- Workshops: reoccurring and spontaneous workshops will be posted to the "CLASSES" and Calendar

- Studio Membership - This entitles member open access to the studio during open hours (and negotiable hours outside those times). Equipment and tables are fist come first serve. Membership last 31 days, and members get 25lbs of clay and one full kiln firing (can be split up). There is some additional storage if needed. $110/31days

- Drop-In Studio Sessions: Day pass to work in the studio for a day is $35 dollars, includes 3 pounds of Cone 6 clay and firing. You may come back to underglaze or glaze your pieces, this included int he fee.

- Independent Study: Choose the tech of your choice and create a schedule to work on your project one on one. Price negotiable based on needs. 

- Kiln Firings: To the discretion of the studio facilitator.

-By volume firing @ $.50/square inch,

-$45 Full Bisque kiln (below ^1), $65 Full Glaze kiln (^6),

-$15 for a full shelf under 8"

-$30 fee if there is Kiln damage (Explosions and glaze running). Clay body and forms must be approved for firing by the studio facilitator.

- All glaze and clay tests must have a catch tray below. 

- Purchase Clay: Two Standard Cone 6 clay bodies for purchase @ $2/pound (Includes house glazes)

- Event Rentals - Please email for inquiry (Ex. Party Ideas: Clay Play, Bead Buffet, Folded Vessel) We do birthdays, meetings, and BYOB parties. 

-Gnar Wares: Purchase ceramic wares by studio affiliated artists. More coming soon.....



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